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June 2007 Notes

6/27/07 - 'Daily Rant' Voting & VoiceMails
I was laid up sick at home so I decided to kick a little something out for you. I say mean stuff about my listeners because I am abusive to the ones I love, and I play some email, and some of my favorite music.

6/24/07 - The Circle of Money
This show got dangerously close to 1 hour... that is what happens when I do not do a rant... I will try to get on that this week. On this show I expand the idea of efficient living and how you put it into practice. I also discuss the circle of money. If you want to see my flow chart on this then you can click here and view it on the notes page. I play a bum interview with Thomas, a youngin' with some super big problems.

If you like audiobooks go check out podiobooks.com, or type that into the search bar in iTunes. All of these very dedicated writers put there content up on the web for free. Now that is dedication.
National Debt to GDP Ratio thermometer
. This is pretty interesting if you want to check it out.

6/17/07 - Holy Accounting
Does Richard have the big brass ones to take on the church? Does he have the strength of character to not fear the repercussions? Or does he just not give a poo? It is probably the last one. Either way on this show I put out some long overdue rants, clarify the definition of efficient living, and give a damn good analysis of how churches use and misuse their money.

6/12/07 - NEW PLUGS
This week we got plugged by Twisted Pickle show #102, and Distorted View on the 5/30/07 show. It only took him 90 years to actually put the website up on his show. Thanks a lot to Corby and Tim, the web stats are in and the day they released their show we got a bunch of hits from their sites. I would like to return the favor for any of my listeners that are not listeners of theirs. Go check them out... you know you want to. And if you don't want to... do it anyway or I will send the IRS to your house.

6/9/07 - Ep18 - Richard Vs. Oprah
I lied about not putting a show out this week... suckers! On this weeks show I talk about an Oprah show that really got my bustle in a tussle. A bum interview with Mr. Austin Luther, and a Voicemail from the Roobot, cause he is too freakin' lazy to actually do a segment....

I want to start and emailing campaign. The Roobot is get tired of the show or the negative feedback that he has gotten so I want all of you to bomb his emal like crazy. We want you back Roo! Roobot@TBLPodcast.com

6/3/07 - Ep17 - Super Sexy TBL
Finally remembered why I was going to be so busy this weekend, apparently it is me and The Bear's anniversary. It was a good save. Luckily we had already bought all of the gifts. On this show we talk about useless outdated ceremonies (graduations), amortization/total cost of financed items, LOVE, and the subjectivity of value.

Just a note: I finally got my new video camera and am willing to do a video cast, but I need some help from you foompies. I will do a videocast if and only if one of these two things happens... If I get 25 votes at podcast alley this month, or if I get 10 new listeners. I have been observing the downloads and will keep you updated on both fronts. I have some great ideas for the video I hope you guys do not miss out. Get on voting and recruiting new foompies for the show.

Roobot's Graduation

In the center pic note the fat whore teacher stealing RooBot's thunder as she chugs down on her juice box.

6/2/07 - Voicemail Line & New Directory
For any of you super cool people who want to get some air time I have set up a voicemail line through k7.net (thank you). Call us at
206-984-0792. Also I got an email from a new listing service that picked up TBL without any promoting... Podlounge.com, there is a link on the sidebar to our specific page, but you can check them out if you like.

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