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I want your feedback! If you like the show, don't like it, are offended, want to ask a question, want to buy the 'Sassy Southerner's Budgeting System... send me and email.


How to download a show? right click on the link (in blue below) for the show you want to download and select 'save target as', save it to your desktop, listen and enjoy.

April 2007 Notes

4/30/07 - iTunes Review
Hey, left a comment for us on iTunes... I could not find the iTunes page for this so i just copied it here... it is by, Dr. Pop & Mr. Fresh - "The Bottom Line: Truly an interesting look into bettering your situation through humor and education. By listening to this program, you will be more aware of looking at your situation and making it better. Richard Bowen is the man! Keep on trucking!"

4/28/07 - The First Bum Interview
Sorry for the delay the web server was down yesterday. I promised it for a long time, and I have actually recorded several bum interviews, but did not really think they were as good as I wanted, but here it is... Ronald B. Sorgenfreed, is a bum very candid. All it cost was an iced Starbuck's and a couple dollars that he promised not to spend on drugs..... Whatever!

4/27/07 - That Sir is a Lie! (fallacies)
I read an email from Kris, and we talk about the use and misuse of logic in your life through fallacies. HEY! Go to podcastalley.com and vote, and do it now skanks! Here is the fallacy and logic site I used to get the information for the show.
Also check out the Dave Ramsey Show through iTunes, or here from his website.

4/26/07 - Manipulation
Well this was my very first attempt at a 'Daily Rant' it is about 12 mins, and will auto download to iTunes just like all the other shows. I clarify some stuff from yesterdays show and expand on it. It has all the normal ranting and raving about stupid people, I play an infomercial from Bruce A. Berman.... Freakin' hilarious! It is rough cause I had to use a different mic and did not do a lot of editing, but I think you will enjoy. Download below. BTW... I apologize for the sound quality. I am still perfecting the process.

4/25/07 - Know Thy Self
The new show is up... Knowing your personality is crucial in life... Knowing other peoples personalities and how to manipulate them is wayyyyyyyyyy better! The show has a sketch from Secretpants, check them out on the side bar, an email from Hans about pop-up problems, and an interview with some old school Real estate agents (Joyce & Sal). This episode was very long, but I have decided to start doing a shorter daily show. So get ready, starting Thursday for at least one week you are gonna get The Bottom Line:
Daily Rant. You can download the show below. Also, here are the websites that I mentioned in the show, they will also probably get added to the sidebar because they are tight.
Disc Profiles
, and the Myer Briggs/Jung Typology Test.

Please don't forget to vote for the show at PodcastAlley.com. There is a link on the sidebar.

4/22/07 - We Got Plugged Baby!
Recently we were sorta reviewed on the Distorted View Podcast. It is a super racey and hilarious show that focuses on strange news stories. The entire show revolves around the hosts incredibly distorted view of the world, ranting about stuff he hates such as the elderly, children, and bad voicemails. I am an avid listener but have not put a link to the show on the sidebar because it is really dirty and over the top. I have since decided that I don't care. It is too funny to ignore, but if you do not like dirty stuff, foul language, and/or audio pronography... then this is not for you. That is the only warning you are getting from me. Click here to visit Tim Henson's Distorted View.
Click here to download the specific show that we were reviewed on.
Scroll to the bottom of the page after clicking the link, right click on the show link and download, or you can use iTunes, it is the show from 3/29/07.

4/16/07 - EP03 - Pimps are Businessmen too!
This weeks episode is a little late, but the good news is that tax season is over and I am going to try to give you folks a bonus show sometime this week. In this installment of The Bottom Line we have a chat with the RooBot, it is very enlightening, an email question from a teacher with money concerns, and a whole lot of inappropriate commentary. This week there is no notes page, just right click the link below and click 'save as' to download the episode, and enjoy.
Mp3 File available for download

4/15/07 - Logo Issues
Hey Folkers, wanted to give you an update... I am trying to get a show out today but it is super hard cause it is the last couple days of tax season, which is a very busy time of year for me. My hopes are that it will be up this evening though. If you are downloading through iTunes I am happy to report that the show is officially listed baby. HOORAAA! However, I am trying to update the image that we use with different podcast directories. Please look at the ones and vote. The size of the images is that actual size they will appear in the directories, that is why they are so small. This is just a sample, please click on one of the images to advance to the page with all the different options. The colors here represent the dark blue, light blue, and white options... more on the next page.


Also please vote for us at podcastalley.com... the more votes the show gets the more people will listen. Click this link to vote. It is very easy, just click the link, when you get to the site click the vote button, and put in your email. They will not send you any junk mail, just a confirmation of your vote. Thanks for the votes, and the logo feeback.

4/12/07 - The RSS Feed is up..... WOOHOOO!!!!!!!
Alright... I have never worked on something so crazy and complicated before. Thanks to the helpful service PodcastBlaster.com I have been able to setup an RSS feed. This means that you can set up any download service, like iTunes, to download any new shows automatically. Here is how you do it... Click this link and download the FREE iTunes software. Note, you do not have to put in your email address to download. After installing you can add our podcast to the list to automatically download.

On the top menu click 'Advanced' then click 'Subscribe to Podcast...' a box will pop up, copy and paste the link below into the box then hit enter. It should take you to the podcast page and show 'The Bottom Line Podcast' on the list. Click the dark triangle to the left of the podcast... a drop down will show you a list of all the shows, click the 'Get' button on the right side of each show for the ones you want. Wahla!!!! You are now subscribed to our podcast. 

4/7/07 - EP02 - Best & Worst Jobs Ever!
Ever wonder what the best and worst jobs in America were? This topic will help people define where they stand in the job market, and also where they might like to go. All kinds of new segments.... Check it out.
View the notes page
Mp3 File available for download

4/5/07 - New Domains
I have registered two domains that you can use to visit the site from now on. I have completed a lot of updates... Let me know what you think of the colors, format, content, and links.
Click here to email me.
Here are the web addresses you can use to visit us now.


4/4/07 - Questions, Comments, or Ideas for the show?
I am really interested in what people thought of our new first show, and what content you would like me to cover in future shows... If you have any ideas you would like me to make real then send me an email. I will take financial topics, skit and commercial ideas, baking tips, death threats, and news articles about financial morons.
Click here to email me.


4/2/07 - New EP01 - Give yourself and instant raise!
Lets start at the beginning... What is a barebones budget? What is the minimum cost of living? I am going to tell you how you can instantly give yourself a raise. OOOOOOOOOOO! A teaser, I am not above it. 
Visit the notes page to get the budget info I talk about on the show.

TBL - EP01new.mp3 Download



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