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March 2007 Notes


I had to take this show down, because I got too many complaints that it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too offensive. I have been rethinking the show. Giving it more financial content and less heartless rude commentary.


3/29/07 - A Promo for your listening ears
I came up with the idea to start giving anyone who wanted to listen a piece of my mind in February of 2007. The original idea for the show was an irreverent look a personal finances. It would include segments like, prank calls to the IRS, Bum Interviews, and news articles about people financially retarded.

However, when I started doing the research for the show I decided to take it in another direction. The first couple of episodes will probably be rough and have a lot of content... For the entertainment portion you might just have to rely on my witty banter, and over emphasized opinions. Below is a link to the mp3 for the trailer. It is my very first attempt at any type of recording. Stay tuned for new episodes and updates on the status of the RSS feed.
TBL - 3/29/07 - Trailer.mp3

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