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I was real happy to see everyone in the real world. I don't remember a lot because I really got my fill at the incredibly limited open bar, and at the after party.
I set this up so I can keep in touch with all of you Highlanders. You can email me if you like at richard@bowenaccounting.com. Also, I have my own accounting & tax practice... you can check out the website here www.BowenAccounting.com.

If you are interested in some free in your face advice then you can check out my podcast, which is a free online radio show, www.TBLPodcast.com. It is called 'The Bottom Line Podcast'. I do about 1 show a week all about decision making, personal finance, and junk that pisses me off.

If you just want to stay in touch then you can check out my blog at http://richardsstories.blogspot.com.

If you are local and are interested in playing some low stakes poker. I have a game every Thursday night 7pm at my house. We have a lot of serious players and lot of money moving around the table. We also have a blog recording our weekly action in a humerous way http://bakersfieldpoker.blogspot.com.

Thanks for the great time. I hope to keep in touch with all of you, but if you are not interested, then I will see you at the 20 year reunion.

Hi, this is the beautiful face of Richard Bowen (me). Self proclaimed master of photography, as you will see below.
This is my lovely lady, Sara Bowen. I picked her up in Ms. Amour's Spanish class in 1996. I don't know why she loves me but I know I am a lucky guy. Yeah, guys don't be getting any ideas either... I locked that junk up with a ring. 6 years of blissfull marriage and counting.

This is the view of the bar when we first showed up. As you can see it was very crowded. The only person I recognize is half of Ethan Beck, and someone named Melissa near the end. The guy at the end of the bar is a tag-a-long, and is not a Real Estate Agent. I know cause I lost $10 to my wife on a bet that he was.

This is the view of the bar from the other side right at 7pm. People who showed up early sure wanted to get in on the free booze. The bar was only free for like 15 minutes. That is pretty sick! For $50 a pop you figure it would be free till at least 10 o'clock, who knows, this place might have gone bankrupt if they gave free liquor to these booze hounds.

Hey, what can I say? I like to take pictures of me and my lady. Is it just me or do I look a little crazy in this one? Bruhahaha!!!!

This is me and my favorite homey David Koontz... Otherwise known as "Candy Man". He was gonna bring a canvas bag full of Airheads, and Snickers but did not have the time to pick them up. As you can see I really missed the guy. Even though we stayed in contact, we still do not get to see each other much. Gotta get my hugs in when I can.

One more of the techno dream team. We rock the house. Successful, good-looking, trapped a lady, and good dancers to boot.

This is me giving my sexy face to the camera. My wife doesn't have to do it cause she is so smoking hot.

Dave and his wife Crystal. She is a Highlander too. I dig that plaid sweater vest baby!

Random shot of the dining area. I really wish I could remember peoples names.

I can't remember this chick's name either, but Cami Williams, who I dated for like 8 seconds in my freshman year is in the lower right. These nice ladies spent most of the night shaking their heads at the drunken debauchery around them.

Seriously, if you can remember any of these peoples names let me know and I will update this thing.

This is the 'Red Carpet Photographer'. We saw him while we were chilin' outside and he was pretty unhappy with the lighting setup. Some came out light, some dark, it wasn't great. People kept bringing him drinks, and he appeared to be having a pretty loose and fun time.

Pink drinks for the ladies. It only seems right. Check out the rockin' dimples.
Roo eat your heart out! Me with Joanne and Lucy Lui.... Um, I mean Grace Fong. Maybe all Asian chicks do not look alike, but they definitely get a +3 on the hotness meter. Thanks for the photo op ladies.

Me and Wendy Mortimer... We went to the freshman formal together, and stayed friends for a long time till we lost touch a couples years after high school. She also dated my brother... AWKWARD!
A very helpful tag-a-long that came with Leanne. He noticed I was a little drunk and offered to hold my hair if I had to vomit. Little does he know I have the alcoholic gene and rarely throw up. Thanks for the offer though.

Dave and Steve Wells. He used to be part of an underground fight club with us in high school. Ended up going into the military and now he is a county pig. I got yo numba nigga, and I will be calling you soon.

Me and Michelle Whal.... She doesn't look like she had two kids.
Whitebread twins. These are possibly the two whitest guys you will ever meet. An accountant and an insurance adjuster. I told him to give me his sexy face too but he just wasn't going for it.
More of Dave and Crystal. The food was not very good, and there was not that much of it. It seems like at an event such as this one the food should have been served buffet style. I was walking around so much I don't know if they ever really served me.

Tracy Teagarden in the background. I heard she was a little crazy, but did not get close enough to find out if she was a biter or spitter.

Wow! Tracy looks like she is really into this story.

Geek time! I swear these guys were talking in 1's and 0's. "Oh yeah, well I do ruby business apps". "Oh yeah, well C++ is far superior...", "I beg to differ..." A bunch of junk like that. Then they had a break dancing contest. The guy in the back won, but he tore his jacket.

Dueling wives. Cue banjo music. Later Crystal smokes a cigar... that was freakin' awesome.
Gretchen, me, and Cami Williams. They wouldn't do the sexy face either, and I think Gretchen was pretty unhappy that I was touching her at all. I told them a funny story that neither one of them could remember. I guess your funny stories are someone else's creepy memories.

This is Rene's boyfriend Eddie. This is our gangster pose. I think I look way tougher than him. Actually, no debate, I totally look tougher than him.

Me and Jenny Adame. She looks exactly the same as she did in high school. It is nuts!

This never would have happened in high school. Thank you Long Island Ice Teas, and whatever she was drinking. Later in the night someone panced Jenny, but alas my camera was out of batteries by then.

Dance, dance, revolution!

Anyone for a little sideway mombo? Wait, that is unneccesarily sexual. Oh well!

When the strobe lights started, and they started bumping the tunes, the party really got crazy. I was sad that they were playing current music instead of just tune from 93-97. Reunions are supposed to be all about nostalgia. Come on man!

I don't think these two came together, but they were definitely leaving together.

This is my blackmail photo. Send $300 to me if you want it taken down, wink wink.

Eddie works as a techy for the city of Arvin. Got yourself a good catch there.

Later in the night at the bar.

I love that sweet Puerto Rican Goddess.

Oops! You caught me!

More Dancing!

More Dancing! Go Michelle, grind it!

David, half in the bag stated that "I want to F@ck you like and animal" by NIN was the hottest grinding song of all time...

Proceeded to take his lady out to the dance floor and show here what it means to be in the arms of a real man.

Go David!

Go David! It's your birthday

I don't know who this is, but she was getting dirty with the bald guy behind her.

Go some more David

That guy looks real happy. That is why I only took the picture from the waste up.

These girls got real crazy on the dance floor...

In about 30 minutes half of these girls are dancing on tables. Why did my camera battery have to run out.

We had to go home and change before the after party... This is much more casual.

A little coffee before the party to make sure we are alert for driving. You like the TBL coffee mug? Yeah I thought you would. The caption says, "Budgeting made sexy"

This was the best guacamole I have ever had. Apparently the key is to add sour cream to it.

This guy is a guacamole hog... He kept running in with a handful of chips and stealing as much as he could. If you know who he is, please report him to the Mexican food authorities. Stealing guacamole is a felony south of the border.

Drunken sweet talk... How cute!

The real party is always in the kitchen.

OMG! Look at that rock. He must really love you! Too bad he bought you that purse too. What a slap in the face.

This is Adam and his wife. She is hot... and he needs a hair cut. Hey, I calls em' as I sees em'.

The next day, Dave, Crystal, Sara, and me all went to Rusty's Pizza. So greasy... So delicious.

Dave rockin 'the classic jean shorts and burks. I like a guys that does not compromise his fashion.

In a drunken haze Dave dropped his camera the night before. Don't worry Dave, I am sure it is still under warranty.

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